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Vuruga Biopesticide

Project Details

  • Project Name : Vuruga Biopesticide
  • Incubatee : Never Zekaya
  • Category : Bio Chemistry
  • Project Year : 2020
  • Location : Arusha - NM-AIST
  • Project Status : Product under full registration
  • Mentor Mathew Ngwahi, Jacqueline Mkindi

VURUGA BIOPESTICIDE - Organic pesticide for control of several crop pests

The DDI project developed a demo plot at Nyakabindi Nanenane grounds in Simiyu that will be used to showcase the benefit of using the bio-pesticide as pest control to maize, tomatoes and cotton during the Nane Nane event which is going to be conducted at the national level in Simiyu this year (2020). The project team has been in Simiyu for the preparation purpose and meeting with Regional leadership to explore commercialization of the biopesticide.