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Project Details

  • Project Name : Nutrano & SimBar
  • Incubatee : Jofrey Raymond
  • Category : Food Nutrition & Security
  • Project Year : 2020
  • Location : Arusha - NM-AIST
  • Project Status : Research Product
  • Mentor Askwar Hilonga, Jerman Rose, Morris Agaba

NUTRANO AND SIMBAR - Nutritional formulations
made from local foods

Nutrano & SimBar are healthy and nutritious foods from sesame seeds and nutritional formulation comprising seeds, nuts and other nutrient-dense local foods to promote nutrition and health of young children, women and the general population in Tanzania and East Africa at large. These products are based on an abundant locally produced sesame crop and other local nutrient-dense foods in Tanzania.

Nutrano & SimBar are also rich in essential micronutrients such as iron, zinc, calcium, folate, and beta-carotene, that are often absent in ordinary diets for growing children. Critically, iron is required for blood formation to prevent anemia and zinc enhances immunity and promotes mental health. Furthermore, These product are rich in protein, and every 100g can supply about 33% of protein needed daily for a growing child.

Nutritional formulation


Nutrano is an instant porridge formula that can meet nutritional goals for children and women of reproductive age and the general population. Nutrano is developed from sesame seeds, nuts, legumes and other local nutrient-dense foods.

Nutritional formulation


SimBar is a dry nutty snack and alternative to chocolate bars, starch-based cookies or crisps. SimBar comprises bioactive health promoting compounds (sesamin and sesamolin), which are well-known anticancer, anti-ageing and anti-obesity compounds.