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Digital farming mobile App

Project Details

  • Project Name : Digital farming mobile App
  • Incubatee : Shakila Mshana
  • Category : ICT
  • Project Year : April, 2020
  • Location : Arusha - NM-AIST
  • Project Status : Prototype
  • Mentor John Kyaruzi, Michael Anderson, Marie Mayes

Digital Farming Mobile App

A Phone-Based Nutrition Intervention Tool for Fighting Malnutrition in SSA.

Digital Farming Mobile App is a phone-based nutrition intervention tool tailored with linear programming (LP) techniques to help a mother or caregiver makes a rational decision on what to eat and feed the family at the household level.

The tool is designed to encourage consumption of locally available foods and our nutritional formulations as the preferred long-term solution to undernutrition in developing countries. The tool is designed in a way that it has questions and or statements that guide a mother to fill-in all the available foods in the market or in the household plus their costs or price. Also, the tool has an option for a user/client to produce several options for optimal formulations that encourage dietary diversity.

The tool is linked to a server, where nutritionists or practitioners have access to the data uploaded by household mothers/cooks. The approach works better when the tool is embedded in smartphones owned by mothers or household cooks or caregivers.

Digital Farming Mobile App’s aim is to improve nutrition security among low-income children and mothers by optimizing the use of locally available foods in resource-poor settings.