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Bio-pesticide for storage and promotion of legume growth

Project Details

  • Project Name : Bio-pesticide for storage and promotion of legume growth
  • Incubatee : Angela Mkindi
  • Category : Food Nutrition & Security
  • Project Year : 2020
  • Location : Arusha - NM-AIST
  • Project Status : Research product
  • Mentor Anna Treydte, Phil Stevenson, Jacqueline Mkindi, Eliamani Laltaika

Agro ecological crop pest management using botanical extracts,

The business is on production of plant-based pesticides used to control insect pests of crops during field cultivation and on storage. This business aims to solve the problem of lack of safe pesticides for pest control in the production system that affects poor small-scale farmers.

Existing synthetic pesticides in the market are associated with contamination of environments, food crops and effects of humans and non-target organisms. Such chemicals are costly and they are condemned to cause diseases such as cancer to human beings. The business presents a genuine alternative, that is utilizing natural plant-based pesticides which have no chemical residue traces, are less harmful to people and environment and they are of less cost.

Plant-based pesticides are less harmful to ecosystems and to humans such that, when used, a farmer and the ultimate consumer is assured of safe food free from pesticides residues. In the error of ICT, my business will integrate ICT, where thorough diagnosis of pest damage and severance will be digitally reported through messages and pictures to us (experts), and responses of advices and types of botanical formulations to use will be communicated back to farmers. This will ensure minimising misuse, and overuse of plant extracts for effective crops management.

Angela Mkindi abd the farmers at the farm in Machame – Moshi

The target market is

  1. small scale farming communities, who make 80% of the population of crop growers,
  2. Certified organic farmers and
  3. home gardeners