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DDI Incubation Centre to National Nane Nane Exhibition in Simiyu Region

DDI Incubation Center at Nane nane

Nyakabindi, Simuyu

The Nane Nane National Agricultural Exhibition Show is a one week (usually from the 1st to 8th August) annually event that aims at showcasing new technologies, ideas, discoveries and alternative solutions that will help to improve the agricultural sector.

Nane Nane refer to the Agricultural Exhibition, eight days fair that takes place every year around 1-8 August every year in various locations of Tanzania. In the Nane Nane Agricultural Exhibition, farmers and other agricultural stakeholders (e.g., universities and research institutes, input suppliers or fertilizer producing industries) showcase new technologies, ideas, discoveries and alternative solutions concerning the agricultural sector. Nane Nane is a fair where government and private firms present their services and activities to the public.

Participation DDI Incubation Centre

DDI Incubation Centre through the Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology (NM-AIST) explored and seized this opportunity to participate into National Nane Nane exhibition that held in Simiyu (at a place famously known as Nyakabindi ground). Three innovations under DDI incubation centre were presented to Simiyu of which are Nutrano flour for combing malnutrition, Omega 3 DHA Superfood for brain development and Vuruga biopestcide for controlling pesticides. 

DDI had two booths; one at the main exhibition ground and the second small one positioned to the demo plot. 

Closing Ceremony and Prizes 

Being the first time for NM-AIST, CREATES and DDI to participate into National Nane Nane exhibition, it managed to score the 3rd position for Higher Learning and Vocational Education Institution. This was abled by the Data Driven Innovation Centre for supporting the event.

Exhibitors preset their innovation in the main booth

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