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A Data Driven Innovation (DDI) Incubation Centre has just Kicked off

A Data Driven Innovation (DDI) Incubation Centre has just Kicked off. Set to start with three incubatee under Contena Factories designs.

The Vice Chancellor of the (NMAIST) said that, the three factories are just a beginning, more factories are expected to come out. He thanked the Inter Universities Council for East Africa (IUCEA) for providing seed fund of the Centre together with the Ministry of education Science and Technology of Tanzania which has funded top three winners who represented the NM-AIST in the National Competitions on Science, Technology and Innovation in Kiswahili Called Mashindano ya Kitaifa ya Sayansi, Technolojia and Ubunifu-MAKISATU, and that these will be the pioneers of contena factory designs at the NM-AIST.

The DVC-Academic, Research, and Innovation made it clear that NM-AIST has a lot to offer in the move towards industrialization and the arrival of container is an important step towards practical life of our ”Motto” of Academia for Society and Industry, and this will make a substantial contribution to the national agenda of Industrialization which.

The DVC-Planing, Finance and Administration, Prof. Charles Lugomela added that the plan of NM-AIST is to make more factories of the kind, make it a cornerstone of the Industrialization Agenda of Tanzania and East Africa.
The Principle Investigator of the centre, Prof. Huldas Swai who is also the Centre Leader of Africa Centre for Research, Agricultural advancement, Teaching Excellence and Sustainability (CREATES), expressed her heartfelt to IUCEA for the seed funding of the centre, she also thanked the Management of the NM-AIST for the support to the initiative and promises to use the opportunity to feed to the vigour goal of the NM-AIST